My first yoga class was a gift of the Shoah Foundation, a non-profit where I worked for seven years. ┬áListening to testimonies of Holocaust survivors, my body reacted. I had sciatica, shoulder and neck injuries, and carpel-tunnel syndrome. We were invited to try yoga as a means of dealing with the difficult stories we heard daily. After my first class, I never looked back. With help from many wonderful teachers, I healed my physical injuries and began a meditation practice. When my project at the Shoah Foundation concluded in 2003, I took my first yoga teacher training and began teaching. I taught at City Yoga for 10 years, and Ross Rayburn’s studio, YogaInsideOut for two years. In 2006, I teamed up with yoga instructor, Jessica Jennings, the Ob/Gyn staff at Kaiser Permanente Sunset, and participated in a group prenatal medical visit program called Pregnancy in Balance: Group Visits, Community & Yoga. Currently, my primary classes are at YogaWorks, MaYoga and SimchaYoga.

Today, I draw on my experiences, literature, science, and current events to inspire my students to seek the parallels between ancient yoga teachings and contemporary life. I am especially thankful to be practicing and teaching alongside many of my teachers, and I continue to be inspired by my students. Together we find new ways to joyfully express ourselves through yoga, where every class is a celebration of life.

Now a certified yoga instructor, my training was in Anusara yoga. My teaching style continues to include a strong Anusara-based practice, though I have embraced the teachings of other respected yoga schools and teachers. As well as teaching a strong yoga practice, I am qualified and experienced in pre and postnatal yoga, therapeutics, senior yoga, and yoga for those who find themselves especially challenged. I love teaching beginning students, as well as those with a more advanced practice, and believe that we should all practice with a beginner’s mind.



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