Brick and Mortar infused with Spirit

SimchaYoga is a community of friends and family who come together to play, practice, and learn.  The physical building was once a garage, filled with treasures: surfboards, old hardware, doors and furniture.  Each piece had a story and potential. Those things are long gone, hopefully to become someone else’s treasures. Today we have a yoga studio and everyone who comes in has a story and potential. The space was designed and built with loving care. Everyone who has come into the studio has brought something to the mix; the contractor, the inspector and the garden designer, the teachers and the students. The intentions each of us brings spirit to the studio.  Our warrior poses, handstands and child’s poses, our grief and our joy are as integral as the bamboo flooring and garage ceiling.

It is with gratitude that I invite you to join our kula, our community, and share your story and your potential in our sacred space.


Linda Eifer