Heraklion 2015 day 1 or the trials of Charles de Gaulle Airport

Traveled to Crete via Charles de Gaulle. Late last night we (Joan and I) arrived in Heraklion. It seemed to take forever to get here but that might have been because of one sweet but terribly misguided French airport official. After our 11 hour flight (easy and smooth) we had a very long layover in Paris, about 6 hours. Knowing the inner airport train system often goes down, we used the street level bus route – one transfer, 10 minutes each ride, 20 minute wait between stops. No big deal… Until we got to terminal 1, and were denied entrance. The guard was sure Agean Air left from terminal 3, and gave us instructions to hang out there 20 minutes, then re-board the bus and start over. We chatted, he offered us water and asked if we wanted him to turn on the air-conditioning. We returned to terminal 2A and learned that we were correct and the guard was wrong. Waited 20 minutes for the bus again and returned to face the same guard. He insisted he was right, but was going off his shift and with great exasperation let us through and wished us luck, sure that we were headed in the wrong direction. Not sure there is a moral to the story, just that transferring in Paris always takes longer than expected, so take a breath and have a croissant, we had a piece of Far Breton… See recipe section for a stellar version