Matala Oct 7, 2015


This morning’s yoga practice was about heroes. After all, we are on the island where, with the help of Ariadne, the Athenian hero, Theseus, slew the Minotaur. And after yesterday’s paddling we all felt a bit like heroes. It didn’t make verasana (hero pose) any easier, but with help, everyone did get up into hand stand.
We kayaked about 3 miles this morning, past Red beach, to a beach in a hidden cove. We took picnic lunches up to a one room place with a large shaded patio in front. Turns out to be the beach place of a local guy who loves it when people come and visit. He speaks Greek and German so there was not much conversation going. Them he brought out his lyre and played a few songs for us. I thunk he invites people so he can play for them. As we were leaving, a tour boat pulled in and I’m sure he was planning to play for them as well.
We rushed out as our guides checked the local ocean conditions and read warnings of violent swells. Turned out not to be, thank goodness. Still, we paddled back in record time in anticipation of possible rough seas. Joan and I found our kayaking rhythm and were not last in for a change.
The early return gave us a chance to nap before a late afternoon yoga class. One of the guys requested a flow class, so we went in that direction – as much as I am willing to go. Whatever you call it, it was a strong practice and not the restorative session we planned. Love that everyone kept up in spite of sore muscles from 6 nautical miles of kayaking n up to 6ft swells.